I am very proud of this section! That’s not just because it took ages – though it did – but because it came out more or less as I imagined it might.

20160316-Canon EOS 6D-IMG_7057


20160316-Canon EOS 6D-IMG_7063

(Photos above by Michael Jones and below by me.)




As I hope you can tell, the section is made up of five gift tags, one side adds up to section 190, the other is a design (each tag in a different colourways) made from overprinting two sets of border.

These were inspired in part by the beautiful tags made by Hammerpress in Kansas City, Missouri, and in part by the modular Monotype Border Prints by Nomad Press in Gloucestershire. Both printers whose quality I can only dream of.

Why did it take ages? It’s one of the longer sections I’m tackling, so the typesetting itself took some time. Additionally, I did nearly 100 of each of five tags, and each tag went through the press 3 times (two colors on one side, one on the other). That’s 1500 strikes of the press in anyone’s money.


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