A note on numbering

Looking at the pictures, or the titles of some of the posts on this blog, you’ll see each section has a number. In the edition I’m working from, each section has two numbers: one is edition-specific and numbers from 1 to 259, the other, in parentheses, doesn’t appear to be in any order.


As I understand it, each of the contents of Pessoa’s trunk has been assigned a number by cataloguers and this is the number in brackets. I have chosen to use this number: that’s partly because I thought it a good idea to have a cross-reference to other versions of the book; more selfishly the number gives me a graphical element to experiment with, something to work with to make each section less block-of-text-ish.

I realise that if you’ve “my” Serpent’s Tail edition of the book in hand you can’t use the numbers to look up the relevant section in context: by the time of publication I’ll put a little ready reckoner of the sections on this blog with the Serpent’s Tail numbers attached.

Some sections have dates attached, obviously I’ve retained those.


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