I thought hard about including bus tickets in the project – didn’t it go against travel being only in one’s head? In the end I decided that a string of unused bus tickets represented the absence of actual travel, so that would be OK. Also, a strip of tickets makes a section with a unique shape and texture, and one with a definite sense of the everyday.

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The actual roll I used came from eBay; I wasn’t looking for a particular price or place but I was pleased when I found some with pre-decimal currency (before 1970 I think); I don’t have any connection with the Isle of Man but when this came up I couldn’t help but feel the phrase “isle of man” has something of Bernardo Soares about it.

I wasn’t sure how many tickets were in a roll, and I had got more than halfway through counting them one by one before I realised they are sequentially numbered…


Typesetting this was straightforward enough, but I had to do a fair bit of shifting the lines about before the text looked balanced across a strip of five tickets.

The biggest challenge was to persuade the strips of tickets to lie flat on the press : after half a century of being in a roll, they were disinclined to be anything but curly! Ordinarily I tape a small piece of lead to the press to allow me to place the paper on the press consistently (so the print lines up correctly each time). For this print I did something similar but used leads at both ends which the tickets could tuck under, keeping them flat enough. Then I used a pencil to make dots in the holes in the ticket do I could line the tickets up accurately.


This all made for a more time-consuming print than I expected for a short section but it came out nicely enough.



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